What if a couple of street prostitutes gatecrashed your party?

It’s not on the Radio1 playlist, but I keep hearing Eve & Gwen Stefani’s Summer 2001 hit, Let Me Blow Ya Mind, which I don’t mind. But I always had a problem with the video (which I also saw again very recently). It’s one of those ‘hey, look how cool we are!’ tracks: a bolshy little number to put everyone else in their place. Here’s some advice: ‘Jealousy, let it go, results could be tragic/Some of y’all ain’t writin’ well, too concerned with fashion/None of you ain’t Gisele, cat walk and imagine’.

The thing is (double negatives aside) I’m left thinking the girls have made a terrible mistake. They’re dressed like the Liverpool prostitutes you see on TV lately being interviewed about that city’s proposed Vice Tolerance Zone (except they have their front teeth) and nothing like Gisele Bundchen. They then gatecrash this party for people much older than them who may be square and boring. But, hey! It’s their apartment and if they want to be square and boring that’s their business. And if they’d showed up like that at my recently hosted gathering of film buffs to watch a Derrida documentary, I’d have asked them to leave too.

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