What kind of woman plots against her husband’s mistress?

The Beckham story seems to have it all. Steamy multi-partner affairs organised by a glamorous bi-curious female. And the Beckhams were previously portrayed as the perfect couple, with David the devoted husband and father. Now big deals are under threat as the sponsors get nervous.

Now I’m no fan of Posh Spice, who I’ve always found irritating and a little unattractive. But it’s interesting to see how closely she’s been placed under the microscope. Her parenting skills have been called into question, it’s hinted that she couldn’t satisfy her husband in bed and she’s accused of scheming against the woman with whom he’s alleged to have had an affair. Meanwhile, at least one newspaper has suggested that David’s the real victim, because we unfairly expect our sports stars to live by the highest moral standards.

It’s not that men are from Mars and women from Venus, it’s that boys are pressured to prove their heterosexuality, while girls should keep themselves nice. So Victoria’s a scheming bitch for plotting against the woman with whom her husband was having an affair, while David’s the victim of moral hypocrisy.

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