What’s on Weetabix?

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These suggestions for taking the dry biscuits beyond the breakfast table are ever more ridiculous. The Weetabix innovation team must consist entirely of student placements as nobody else would eat a dry Weetabix with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

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One thought on “What’s on Weetabix?

  1. Almost as ridiculous as carrying a mobile ‘phone and not wanting masts to be available. The things don’t work without the masts, doh! Having a bone dry Wheatabix or an Oatabix in a perverse combination with gooey stuff is liberalism carried too far. And the Leech succession is still bothering me.

    Norman Lewis appears to be the “bull” councillor who was in fact Mr Leech’s king maker who got him his first break …

    In the past Norm’s daughter has been mentioned, but fell pregnant with unfortunate timing, subsequently remembering when she sent a well wisher letter defending him from being ‘Shameless’ that she “knew him” and had “met him”. Good girl. Various intimate friends also. Who will it be?

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