When Boris Met Dave

What a con More4’s When Boris Met Dave turned out to be.

Billed as a docudrama, examining David Cameron’s relationship with Boris Johnson from their days at Eton and Oxford, it was actually as an example of Channel 4 at its very worst. A series of very boring talking heads, many of whom admitted to not knowing David Cameron at Oxford (or anywhere else); it was quickly established the pair had no relationship at Eton. While Dave Cameron had a fairly low profile at Oxford, Boris Johnson has always been a larger than life character. Many of the talking heads didn’t know Boris either, but they knew of him.

With a lack of anything interesting to say, co-producer and co-writer Toby Young was forced to create some poorly acted cringing skits in an attempt to liven things up. We had Dave Cameron playing air-guitar on a tennis racquet while listing to Sade. Toby admits he knew Cameron only slightly and knew little of the Bullingdon Club.

Toby Young was also one of the main talking heads. You have to wonder how he got this gig.

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