Will Kilroy share or shaft as H comes out before he goes in?

YouTube: Robert Kilroy Silk ‘share or shaft?’Katharine’s out this evening so I may take the opportunity to see who’s going to be on Celebrity Big Brother. Hell, I might even photo the TV screen and blog by mobile as the excitement unfolds. Last year I watched Big Brother for the first time ever and was truly hooked from the moment George Galloway walked in the room.

This year it’s looking very has-been, especially H from Steps who’s going into the Big Brother house to escape the non-existent fallout caused by not just coming out as gay but telling the Sun he was only gay in his Welsh village. Suddenly Little Britain seems dated.

Robert Kilroy Silk is no George Galloway, but it will be interesting to see whether his Celebrity Big Brother strategy is to share or to shaft.
The Sun on Celebrity Big Brother: ‘DREGS ELEVEN’Update: Kiloy didn’t make an appearance on the night. I guess there’s a chance he’ll parachute in later, but he’s most likely had a rare bout of sense. This year’s celebrities are, as the Sun says, the dregs eleven.

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