Winding-up the Observer

When you write to a newspaper you don’t expect a response – you just keep a lookout – but the edited version of my blog pointing out that even Christina Aguilera outsmarts The Streets got quite a reaction. It made it to OMM9 yesterday. OMM8 had been as gushing as gushing can be regarding The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come for Free. And I did try to read it with an open mind, but like I say, mockney rap over Casio backing track, leaves me cold.

‘But have you heard it?’ came OMM Casper’s surprise response. Okay, says I, ‘I guess I’m rushing to judgement on the basis of singles from this album and ‘Original Pirate Material’; but then aren’t singles supposed to showcase the best bits?’. Pah! The editor seemed to steam, responding with ‘The single’s the crowd-pleaser; the rest is pretty different, musically at least’, then he held out an olive branch? ‘Thanks for reading the mag.’ At this point I chose dignified silence over extended debate. Now I’m the balance to the more sycophantic letters in support of Skinner.

Even Christina Aguilera outsmarts The Streets……Singles chart just like good old days……‘Celebrity worship essential’, say scientists……Keeping it real……Integrity of Top of the Pops……Take That to Reform……Write Songs Like Pink

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