Windy Miller in plasticine penis shock

Windy Miller nudity scene sparks controversy for QuakerI was inclined to poo-poo stories that Windy Miller’s naturist uncle’s penis has provoked outrage. After all, why would they make him a penis at all given that it’s not to be used? Like the playground saying says: ‘it’s not the mouth it comes out of, but the mind it goes into.’

That is to say that certain people with issues – internal battles if you like – that cause them to be overly prudish in public had imagined Windy Miller’s Uncle Gruber to have a penis. After all ‘Uncle Gruber’ sounds rather rude and those advertising people, intent as they are on corrupting our youth and wrecking the moral basis of society, would not be able to help themselves.

But watch the ad and at about nineteen seconds in, Uncle Gruber’s penis flops into view. Oh the horror… the horror!

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