Wombats: ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’

‘let’s dance to joy division / and celebrate the irony / everything is going wrong / but we’re so happy’
Wombats: ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’

The irony of The Wombat’s Let’s Dance to Joy Divison is that this happy-clappy indie tune is actually quite depressing.

I don’t reckon the Wombats have listened to much Joy Division, but whatever the case they clearly don’t understand the psychology of melancholy arts and music. The job of a melancholy artwork is to reassure us that, while we all feel alone when we’re down, getting the blues from time to time is an essential part of being human; and sharing the experience helps us to recognise that and move on. To naively sing ‘everything is going wrong / but we’re so happy’ is to miss the point by quite some way.

2 thoughts on “Wombats: ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’

  1. Stephen,

    It is an awful song.

    In ten year or even in a year will anyone remember The Wombats?

    There is a place for the happy stuff, but music and other forms of expression that challenge tend to stay with us, Joy Division being one of them.


  2. Ha righto, how many songs have you written. Any that will be remembered as classics in 10 years? It’s a fun song, nothing wrong with that. Different interpretations to so-called depressing music should be encouraged by music experts/afficionados like yourself. You’ve nver been to a party and had a great time while ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ was playing? Come on, celebrate the irony, man. Celebrate.

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