World Cup Statistics from Amnesty International

With its never ending stream of statistics football’s something of nerd’s sport. But one of the most interesting stats is one chucked in by Amnesty International: 40,000 prostitutes expected to travel to Germany to meet the demands of fans.

‘The World Cup is a great opportunity to make money,’ says Katharina Cetin, of Berlin’s Hydra prostitute advice centre. ‘We expect some great revenues. It’ll be good business.’

These women form part on an unsavoury fringe of workers that keep Western economies going by doing the jobs indigenous populations would rather not. And not all of them will be in Germany by choice: many are slaves and they can earn their masters £36,500 each year.

International problems like this require international solutions, yet the UK is dragging its heals. Unlike Germany, we have yet to sign up to European Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings, which gets barely a mention in the Home Office consultation for a UK action plan beyond, ‘concerns that some of the provisions, such as the automatic granting of reflection periods [a couple of weeks to get over one’s slavery] and residence permits for trafficking victims [who have been enslaved, forced into prostitution and may be at risk in their own country], may act as “pull” factors to the UK.’

Government has been cowed by the extraordinary hysteria that surrounds immigration issues. So scared is it of being seen to make the slightest concession to the economic migrants upon whom much of our prosperity depends, it turns its back on the victims of this trade.

Find out how to take action by visiting Amnesty’s World Cup Statistics website.

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