World’s largest chandelier

World’s largest chandelier

I’ve not been to the Trafford Centre for ever such a long time, Manchester city centre shops are simply better and more varied. But last night John Lewis beckoned.

The place was rammed and the crowds trying to get into China Town almost reached Old Orleans. Thankfully, it looks like the much needed extension is not so far off opening.

I just had to see the world’s largest chandelier and here it is. Never before has plastic looked so bling. It makes me want to do Las Vegas.
Uploaded by mobile phone to Stephen Newton’s Diary of Sorts.

4 thoughts on “World’s largest chandelier

  1. hate to burst your bubble, but the largest chandelier in the world is actually in Shreveport,Louisiana at the eldorado’s three stories tall and the escalators wrap around it on both sides.

  2. sorry my friend,, but the The world largest chandelier is in middeleast in country called OMAN.

  3. Have you heard about the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Temple in Quezon City, Philippines? Check and see the chandelier at the center of the biggest chapel/temple. It’s really huge and beautiful.

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