Worn out hurricane shocks Britain

Being British I talk about the weather from time to time, as does Supermum. We’re both in very different parts of the country, which can mean radically different weather. But not recently. Yesterday, Supermum had the treat of a severe weather warning that meant, she explains, even more parents driving their kids to school, ‘for fear the rain would shrink them’. Meanwhile, up here in the north, the Subversive Weather Girl reported, ‘Nobody hurt overnight as tree uprooted in Tarporley’. Somebody could have been hurt and people had to drive around it, which was most inconvenient. The inclement weather was the result of the remnants of one of the hurricanes that had devastated Haiti passing over Britain. In the absence of footage of the Tarporley tree’s uprooting, North West Tonight showed pictures from the Caribbean of the same weather system that had confronted us (albeit in a rather worn out state).

Diane Oxberry: subversive weather girl……Too Honest for the Weather

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