Someone is wrong on the internet

Someone is wrong on the internetI like this cartoon, Duty Calls, because it sums up – and I offer no evidence for this statistic – 99.9 per cent of political blogging activity and so reminds us that there is so much more to life. I’m certain it rings many bells amongst blogging widows and widowers (but don’t think this means my blogging is about to dry up, even though I’ve been quite quiet of late… that’s just stuff getting in the way).

The thing is so much blogging goes on that even if 0.1 per cent of it makes a difference, it will have an impact… perhaps 99.99 per cent of political blogging is insignificant.

But as soon as I saw this cartoon I was shaking my head. Surely the punchline should be, ‘SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET IS WRONG. As it is, it means that someone is wrong about the internet, which is almost certainly true, but not what I reckon the author intends… perhaps I should leave comments to this effect on every blog that reproduces it.
Cartoon from Randall Munroe’s and reproduced within the terms of a creative commons license.

2 thoughts on “Someone is wrong on the internet

  1. You’re so wrong! ;-)

    Seriously, political blogging (and leaving comments) seems futile but it’s not. I could have told you this in a pub, but then it really would be futile because neither of us would have been satisfied and as soon as it was said it would have become so much hot air. However, every blog article and every comment made adds to the total discourse, and is still available to be read whenever somebody searches for a topic or issue they want to know more about.

    Clearly, nobody is going to search for anything in this comment, but normally it’s true to say that political blogging is a very, very good thing (especially when it’s done by a Labour supporter)!

  2. Stephen
    I don’t think political blogging has any impact whatsoever in the UK. We do it because it’s fun and it flatters our egos that we can address a cyber audience. Private Eye ran a cartoon a while back in which a husband calls to his wife ‘I’m just writing my blog dear’ and on the screen was written ‘me me me me’. Bit too much truth in that I thought.

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