The www sabi rock man

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The www sabi rock man has been a regular feature under this Trinity Way bridge for some time. I reckon it’s months rather than weeks now.

It’ll be that long that I’ve been planning to check out his URL, but only now that I realise it’s not a proper web address. He dresses in black with a hat that makes him look like one of the Voodoo bad guys from Live and Let Die… makes me hum the Paul McCartney theme tune.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

23 thoughts on “The www sabi rock man

  1. See this guy everyday, he lives in gorton near bellevue, his regular walk is up and down hyde road.

    I will ask him what hes about-the next time i see him and tell him to get a proper site up seeing as his page is just a holding page…..

  2. today Sabi Rock was sitting outside cheethams school of music – what is he all about as anyone asked him his web address is non existant
    can someone please say whathe is advertising or wanting to say

  3. Ha! This is well funny, I see that guy all the time then look it up n find all you guys thinkin same stuff! I see him by Salford Uni a lot. Never seen him whilst on foot tho, it is my mission to speak to him now!!!

  4. I see him every morning, he s usually opposite the mini garage on Chester road with his sandwich board advert on him. nearly crashed first time i saw him as i was trying to see what his board said. will honk and see if sabirock responds!

  5. Me and Moz see Sabi all the time and we always yell from the window of our passing transit van “Hay Sabi rock on man!” We get no response. The man is a rock. We see him on Trinity way most of the time but we have had sittings else were in Manchester. Sabi if your reading this “Rock on man!”

  6. I can’t believe it!! Been trying to remember to look at Sabiman’s www. and when I finally do remember…’s a holding page.

    Reckon this guy might not know his web site is down. Bless him tho, out every day doing the same route. Is he mental?

  7. i work on a building site in hulme,i see that guy some mornings and have always wondered what he is all about,and also like you other guys find that his website is non existant…..strange

  8. haha i saw him 2day in town oppiste da piccadily hotel haha man is on missions n dat…usually c him on chester road n hyde road haha bless him…. da dude is everywere

  9. his website used to be up. He was advertising his own music (which was pretty shit).

    I think SidReighn is right he probably doesn’t know the site is down.

  10. I saw him about a week ago in piccadilly sat on the fence rails near the bus station. I asked if i could take a picture and he said “yeh fine as long as you arnt associated with all these websites that think i am a random lunatic!” so i asked what is the point he is a solo rock artist from down south and its a sort of gimic for publicity. He is a really nice guy, was polite and far from a lunatic i have pictures on my phone as proof.

  11. To be fair, I’ve not seen anybody call him a lunatic and reckon any web attention he’s got has only helped his cause… whatever that might be.

  12. I was on this website today, and then i went to town afterwards where i saw sabi rock, so i spoke to him and asked him wot the whole thing is about, and its a teaser campaign apparently.

    so there you go!


  14. I often cycle past sabi rock guy on regent road in salford on my way to work. scared the hell out of me first time i saw him! been meaning to check the url for ages. there’s some streaming music on there at the moment… I’m impressed with his determination, hope he gets where he’s going.

  15. I reckon it’s been at least two years since I first saw this guy! It’s starting to get a little like when Forrest Gump went running! I think he just woke up one day and thought it was a good idea…

  16. this dude is well kwl, saw him 2dai for the first tym nd ma dad said he sees him all the time! i wonder if hes crazy! or godly or sumthin haha

  17. I think this guy is mental and needs help.His web sight does make any sence too.( I saw him at a bus stop in Levenshulme this morning, the next time I see him am gonna ask what his on about.

  18. Saw him yesterday morning, about 6.45am near MEN Arena

    how come you people can’t spell?? Sense is spelt like that (not sence) and what is Domi trying to say?? Can’t you write in proper English instead of crap “text speak” Or are you all thick?

  19. Sabiman is a Manchester institution !!!
    When i see him next im gunna speak to him – i dont care if the lights go green and im at the head of the rush hour traffic! i bet he won’t speak to me though:-( i bet he’s a spaceman who has been sent to watch us! the real truth is he’s probably researching the future congestion charge for number 10 :-(

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